Iryna Kittsteiner - Deutsch kann einfach sein.0
Roman W., Sevastopol


“I had learned German at school, but ten years later my skills had dwindled away. I could only remember the pronunciation. Eventually I decided to refresh my German at Iryna.

Although I was still sceptical about the unfamiliar tuition via Skype at the beginning, my doubts already dispelled after the first lesson.  I have accustomed myself very quickly to that and find it very convenient by now. The connection quality is very good and Iryna puts me in the position to practice all aspects of the German language.

She explains the subject concisely and plainly. I also want to mention that Iryna’s native language is Russian, although she lives in Germany already for a long time. From my point of view this fact increases her value as a tutor for Russian-speaking German students.”

(English translation)

Iryna Kittsteiner / 09172-684101