Iryna Kittsteiner - Deutsch kann einfach sein.0
Julia B., Sevastopol


“I have heard about Iryna from my mother, who had formerly attended her course “German for adults” in Sevastopol. I can say that Iryna approaches contact to all ages quickly and converts the people to her easily. That’s why the process of learning is without difficulty and not exhausting at all.

By use of a language test she examines the language skills at first. Subsequently she knows exactly where the student has to begin and which grammatical weaknesses she or he still has. By the thematic vocabulary and Iryna’s ability to impart the subject of learning easily, grammatical problems can be solved quickly. Iryna holds the tuition in dialogue form by the help of different educational techniques, which makes the process of learning very effective.”

(English translation)

Iryna Kittsteiner / 09172-684101