Iryna Kittsteiner - Deutsch kann einfach sein.0
Alisa C., Sevastopol


“I want to say thank you to Iryna for her interesting tuition and the training success. Not only I myself but also my German friends have realised, that I can talk to them better and participate in conversations more actively by now.

Iryna’s individualised subject matter, her effective approach of grammar tuition and her various language exercises – all these components make the process of learning so interesting and expedient. To deepen my skills Iryna also recommends very interesting resources to me, like films, books or news reports.

I also want to note that her tuition via Skype is very convenient. For me that was a new experience and I am one-hundred per cent satisfied. It makes me mobile and saves my time.

My tuition always takes place after my work, whereby it was a bit difficult for me at the beginning to switch from work to learning. But Iryna’s great professionalism, her mindfulness and her belief in me always win. This way I take pleasure in learning and extend my knowledge. I am very glad about having found “my” tutor.”

(English translation)

Iryna Kittsteiner / 09172-684101